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The Story of Common Cider What It Means to Be Common

Our Story

We don’t brew ciders, we craft moments. If it has anything to do with bringing people together, sparking conversation, bolstering friendships, and creating memories, it has everything to do with our approach to cider.

Just ask Fran.

As founder of Common Cider, Fran Toves was inspired into the cider realm by a simple desire: to utilize her foodies’ passion for flavor experimentation and her love of shared times to create something rare and delicious. Her dream was a portfolio of ciders painstakingly designed to pair beautifully with food while moving people to find common ground and celebrate the simple act of being human.

In 2012, Fran shared her dream with the world at homebrew competition in Reno, NV. And the response, three ciders placing in the top 10, was all the validation she needed to go all in. Thus Common Cider was born.

In Fran’s world, flavor is everything. Surprising flavor, adventurous flavor, flavor as gift to one’s family and friends. And it’s in the “layering of flavors,” as Fran likes to call it, where her artistry fully expressed. Only the juiciest, fresh-pressed, locally sourced apples. Only the choicest, natural fruit extracts and botanicals – local and organic wherever possible. Flavor profiles that lean more towards wine than beer. Light, crisp, a sweetness hinted but never overstated.

These are ciders that taste like poems, enjoy them in the spirit of togetherness.

Common ciders are naturally low in sugar, gluten-free, and feature slightly lower-than-typical alcohol levels (6.5%).


  • Before Prohibition, hard cider was the most popular alcoholic beverage in the US.
  • In the UK today, the percent of the population that claims to be cider drinkers (47%) is greater than the percent claiming to be lager drinkers (46%)
  • Cider can be used as a cocktail mixer. Get creative!
  • The popular apple holds a unique place in the world of science. When Issac Newton observed one falling from a tree, he postulated that that there was a universal gravitational pull that was responsible for pulling things down to the ground. We hope you’ll feel a gravitational pull of our ciders.
  • The tradition of giving apples to teachers dates back to the 16th century. Because teachers were not paid well, families shared food with them. This often included apples. We’ve been told our ciders are “giftable”—treat the host of the next party you attend to a gift of Common Cider!