Common Cider Announces Americana Apple and Pomme Rosé In Time For Summer

30 May, 2018


Common Cider Company, an Auburn, California company has released two new sparkling hard apple cider products:  Americana Apple and Pomme Rosé.

“Our latest hard ciders are highly nuanced with flavors that are the taste of summer,” said Fran Toves, founder and CEO of Common Cider. “When we started playing with the ideas, we weren’t sure they would work well together. But with our signature cider making along with some tweaking, the risk became opportunity.  Our palates are very thankful for these new flavors.”

Americana Apple is Common Cider’s latest Summer Seasonal and teases the palate with a hint of lemon and fragrant rose water. It’s considered very refreshing and light, with a hint of a little zest and a little floral. It’s ideal for relaxing in the summer heat, and will only be available until the weather begins to cool in Autumn.

Pomme Rosé, is Common Cider’s “Cider With A Cause”. It began with, a collaboration with Cochon555, a nationwide festival of events that raise awareness about heritage breed pork and socially-responsible farming.  Using an inspired blend of Grenache and raspberry essence, the cider is perfectly paired with lighter foods like pork, but can easily be enjoyed on its own.

“Our Pomme Rosé is perhaps our most ambitious effort to elevate hard apple cider to a level of deliciousness that even we were not sure we could attain, but eventually did.”

In addition, Common Cider will donate a percentage of the sales of Pomme Rosé to Piggy Bank, a farm-in-the-making providing solutions for farmers looking to raise heritage breed pigs. In addition to providing free piglets alongside an online trove of business plans and crucial start-up information to family farms, Piggy Bank provides emergency funds for heritage breed pig farms in emergency situations. Piggy Bank operates as a project Multiplier, a tax exempt 501(c)3 nonprofit umbrella organization that accelerates impact for innovative projects focused on protecting and fostering a healthy, sustainable, resilient and equitable world.


Both ciders will be available in many locations in California and Northern Nevada.  To find out where to purchase, go to

About Common Cider (

After being challenged by her son to enter a beer/cider competition the summer of 2012, Fran Toves entered three of her personalized hard ciders. After they all placed in the Top 10, she started Common Cider, which focuses only on handmade, unique and flavorful, sparkling hard ciders.

Common Cider’s award-winning ciders are available in many retail locations throughout California, Northern Nevada, and Michigan. For more information about Common Cider’s products go to – You can also follow them on Facebook (commoncider) and Instagram (@commoncider).