Our California Road Trip: Days 7-9

23 Jul, 2018

We are officially halfway through our California road trip.

The morning of Day 7 we left Southern California and headed north on PCH, stopping first at Malibu Beach to check out their surfing scene…

then Santa Barbara…

…until finally settling in for the night in Morro Bay.

Sunset at The Rock in Morro Bay

Day 8: Morro Bay …

…Davenport Beach at the golden hour.

Day 9: San Francisco sights and city from Twin Peaks

Hana, Peter, and Kristin came up to say hello at Twin Peaks overlook in San Francisco.

Next stop, the northern coast of California.

While we have thoroughly enjoyed our trip so far, the days have been long, as have been the drives, but what has made it all worthwhile has been all the fun, friendly, and interesting people we met along the way.  Here are a few of our new friends made on Days 7 through 9.